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Version 2.1.8 is up for WoT
Sun, 21 Oct 2018 23:11:59 +0000

See link for changes and download.


► World of Tanks Rewind 2018 • Biggest Events and Moments

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YouTube Rewind World of Tanks Edition - What Happened in 2018? All Big and Important Updates, News and More.
►Beast Mode Gear:

► Information from:
► Video Clips from:
- 9.22 Update Review:
- Mod Hub:
- World of Tanks AR Experience:
- Update 1.0 Review:
- Bots winning:
- Progetto M35 Mod 46:
- Progetto Marathon:
- Update 1.0.1:
- Buffon Clip:
- Premium KV-2:
- Football mode:
- Update 1.0.2:
- Tank Fest 2018:
- Ranked Battles Season 2:
- 50TP Prototyp:
- Wheeled Vehicles:
- Eagle 7:
- Caernarvon AX Challenge:
- KanonenJagdPanzer 105:
- Update 1.2:
- Halloween Event:
- Tier 8 Grand Battles:
- LT-432:
- Well-Deserved Rewards:
- SU-130PM Challenge:
- Advent Calendar:
- Final EBR 75 clip:

* More detailed sources coming soon!

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I know I might be couple days late with this one, but hey... One has to rest as well, right!? :P
I took my much needed long vacation, feeling better than ever now and it is time to get back into action.

My first video in 2019 is going to look back into World of Tanks in 2018. Let's look at all the big updates and news that happened this year.


► Music used
- I Know It Hurts - Happy Republic
- Still Broke - oomiee
- On My Own (Instrumental Version) - Elias Näslin
- Maximum High 3 - Jack Elphick

From WG:
- Andrey Kulik feat. Andrius Klimka - Nebelburg (Battle)

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
- Many awesome tanks!
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