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Version 2.1.8 is up for WoT
Sun, 21 Oct 2018 23:11:59 +0000

See link for changes and download.


Known issues with XVM 7.3.0

SmashPuppetSmashPuppet Member, Moderator Posts: 14
Critical crashing to desktop is still an issue when using XVM. If you happen to be using an XVM config other than the default from the 7.3.0 release and are still experiencing crashes (usually during battle exit), try disabling the markers in markers.xc.

Or use the 7.3.0 default config. They are disabled by default.

In fact, they had changed the order of True and False so that 3rd party configs also have markers disabled as well. Which confused the hell out of me until I read the change log! :* (Always good practice to do that first)

In any case, they are aware of the crashing. It is extremely difficult to diagnose. So please try not to disrespect them or give them a hard time about it. I have to say this because their forums are being abused by silly whining and jabs about this being a "stable release". There is no such thing as a release without bugs. This time, they actually know about the bug. Let them do their work and let yourself do some homework before posting! ;)
* Possible game client crash when leaving the battle
  * To minimize crash possibility, markers were disabled by default.

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